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Frequently Asked Questions | What you need to know

What kind of cases do you take?
Most of the cases we take are personal injury and wrongful death cases, but we also take cases against insurance companies for fraud or bad faith. We represent ordinary people who have been harmed to get the justice they deserve from large corporations and insurance companies. We also represent family members who have disputes over the will of a deceased family member.


What monetary damages can I recover for my injury?
Monetary damages are the primary relief that courts can award to injured people. Each case is unique, but damages may include recovery for past and future medical bills for the injury; past and future lost income caused by the injury; pain and suffering; mental distress or emotional trauma; impairment of the body and mind; disfigurement; and damage to property.


How can I pay the legal fees for prosecuting my case?
If we think that the case has merit and we believe that we can help you, in most cases our legal fee will be contingent on obtaining a recovery of money damage–and we will be paid out of the recovery. Thus, if there is no recovery of money damages, you will not owe any fee.


What is my responsibility for the expenses of the case?
If we decide that we can take your case, Barron & Berry will advance the various expenses of pursuing the case (such as court costs and expert witness fees) and will be paid back by you at the end of the case out of any recovery.


How do you decide whether to take a case?
We look carefully at each case. The partners make a joint decision as to whether we think it is a case
where we can make a difference. Our objective is to do the very best we can for our clients and to get a good result. As a small firm, we cannot take every case, but we do try to talk with everyone who calls to see if there is something we can do to help. If we decide that we cannot take the case, we may know of other lawyers who might be able to assist, and if so, we will give you a reference.


What is my case worth?
No one truly knows. The truth is that every case is different. We have no accurate way to put a value
on any case, but our experience gives us some basis to make an educated, rough estimate of the merits of the kinds of cases with which we are familiar. We will do our best to talk with you candidly about your case, but please understand that we can make no promises other than to do our dead level best to pursue our clients’ cases with all the vigor we can muster.


Who will work on my case?
At Barron & Berry, we view our cases as a shared responsibility. Our lawyers and legal assistants are a part of the team working on your case. Everyone is committed to bringing the case to a good result.


How will my case get resolved?
We treat every case as a matter that will go to trial and prepare accordingly. In most cases, there will be a court-ordered mediation to see if the case can be settled. We will advise you and give you our opinion as to how, when, and on what terms a settlement may be advisable, but the final decision as to whether to settle a case always rests with you. You will always be a part of the trial preparation, settlement negotiations, and all other aspects of the case.