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Medical Devices & Drugs (Products Liability) | What you need to know

If you been harmed by a defective product, medical device, or drug, contact us.

People need to know that the products and drugs they purchase are reliable and safe for them to use. That is not always true, and many people are injured by defective products and drugs that are not properly designed, manufactured, or labeled.

Barron & Berry is dedicated to ensuring that manufacturers and sellers of defective products or drugs are held responsible for injuries or deaths that they cause.

To prove a case against a major corporation, a law firm has to make a deep commitment to find the top experts. Barron & Berry has the experience and resources to prosecute a defective products case against a major corporation. Please call if you have concerns about defective medical devices, drugs, nutritional supplements, children’s toys, automobile air bags, appliances, household products, boats, ATVs, and other products.

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