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Trucking & Auto Accidents | What you need to know

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The roads are very dangerous places. In 2014 there were 3,782 crashes of tractor/trailer rigs in North Carolina. Sixty-two of those crashes resulted in deaths, and 1,059 of them resulted in injuries.*

After the tragedy in Nice, France, in July 2016, every person is certainly aware that a large truck is a dangerous missile. The size, weight, and speed of large trucks that travel on our interstate highways create an enormous hazard to other drivers. Long-haul tractor/trailers have to comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations and state regulations. Drivers are required to get adequate sleep and rest. Trucking companies are supposed to enforce the rules, yet deaths and injuries from drowsy truck drivers continue to occur.

When a death or serious occurs in a large truck collision, time of the essence. A prompt investigation is necessary to assemble the facts to discover whether federal or state regulations have been violated. Expert trucking consultants and safety experts may need to be engaged to analyze the facts to get the evidence needed to determine the cause of the collision. Barron & Berry has the experience and expertise in trucking cases and the resources to help you when you or a family member has been hurt in a truck collision. We can hold the trucking companies accountable.

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*(Source: North Carolina 2014 Traffic Crash Facts published by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles.)