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Wrongful Death | What you need to know

If you have a loved one who suddenly died, we are here to help.

The sudden loss of a loved one is devastating to a family. The Barron & Berry firm knows from experience that pursuing a suit for wrongful death also means helping the family deal with grief and providing support for the myriad problems that the family members face because of the death. We strive to be compassionate counselors to families at the same time that we are their diligent advocates in pursuing their case.

Our lawyers are committed to obtaining full and fair compensation for families, including a full measure of damages for the loss of income and for the even more significant loss of the companionship of a dearly beloved family member. When the facts warrant, we also seek to recover punitive damages to punish those responsible and to make sure that others are not injured by the same conduct in the future.

Wrongful death cases frequently need evidence from economists, engineers, scientists, medical doctors, and other experts. Barron & Berry is committed to marshalling the resources necessary to get to the bottom of the case. Getting the right answers is not always easy when a corporation or the government is resisting. We fight for what is right, no matter what it takes.

The Barron & Berry lawyers have the experience you need to exact justice for deaths caused by negligence and recklessness–whether it be from collisions involving autos, trucks, bicycles, and boats; from industrial and construction accidents; from defective products or drugs; or from medical malpractice.

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